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Griz Guides is your One-Stop for ALL of your Ice Gear sharpening needs.  Crampons, fruit/comp boots, tool picks, ice screws and custom cut stubbies from almost every manufacturer.  With over 20+ years of ice gear sharpening and ice climbing experience, your expensive gear is in the best and most skilled hands.  Sharpening services are all performed by hand and turn-around times are typically 2-3 business days.  Click on the Ice Gear Sharpening PDF link below to get current pricing. 

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~How does it work?

You decide how and when you would like to have your gear shipped and returned.  Send it USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, Snail's pace or Overnight, you control your shipping methods and costs.  Wrap and box up your gear securely and send it along with the Ice Gear Sharpening PDF and your return shipping method/payment.  I will take care of the rest.

~How much does it cost to ship my gear to/from you?

Great Question.  You will find your answer at a USPS online/office, Shipping Store or your personal/business UPS/FedEx account.  It's best to include return shipping in your box or know the cost and add it to your final billing on the Ice Gear Sharpening PDF.  

~Is it true I receive FREE ice screw caps on my sharpened ice screws?

YES, some things are actually FREE.  Red High Visibility end caps will come on your razor sharp ice screws.

~I'm in a hurry, is it a guaranteed 2-3 day turnaround?

MAYBE.  If you have waited until the last second to send your gear to me, please contact me directly.  I travel often and it is possible that I may be out climbing when your gear arrives to the safety of my shop.  Most times the sharpening turnaround is 2-3 days, sometime less, excluding the shipping of course.  

~Is Ice equipment considered "Hazardous/Dangerous" to ship?

NO.  Properly wrap your sharp points so that they do not protrude through your shipping container during transit.  Face crampons 'points-2-points'.  

~Do I send my whole ice tool to have the pick sharpened?

NO.  I only sharpen the pick, so save yourself the extra shipping costs and remove your ice picks. 

~What is the difference between "Regular" and "Turbo Tip" sharpening?

Most ice screws require a Regular sharpening.  Regular sharpening follows the ORIGINAL FACTORY ANGLE AND PITCH of the tooth.  There are a bunch of older-style ice screws that folks own that they want "modernized" with a more aggressive tooth design, hence the "Turbo Tip" sharpening option.  An example of these screws with a less-aggressive tooth design would be the older Black Diamond steel hanger ice screws (with or without the Express knob).

~What is "Cutthroat" sharpening?

Cutthroat sharpening is specific to the more modern Petzl ice screws that have a scoop cut out of the "throat" of the tooth.  The 'throat' is the 'valley' where the tooth ends into the main screw body.  I can cut "cutthroats" on any manufacture of screws but ideally it is an offering for sharpening on Petzl specific screws.  Not all Petzl screws need to have a "Full Cutthroat Sharpening", meaning that if just the tip is dull and the screw is in decent shape, I can sharpen just the tips at the Standard Ice Screw Sharpening rate.  

~Can you only sharpen Mono/Dual points on my crampons?

YES.  As mentioned above, remove them from your crampon frame to save on shipping.  I can also sharpen them on the frame, you decide and of course be specific in you sharpening notes to me.  

~What type of payment do you take?

I can do most: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Money Orders and PayPal. With personal checks, I typically wait until the check clears to return ship gear.

~Can aluminum Ultralight ice screws be made into Super Stubbies?

NO.  Only 10cm and 13cm Steel ice screws can be recut down to Super Stubbies

~Can you build me a set of custom Fruit Boots or ultralight crampons?

YES.  You provide the parts and shipping, I can provide the artistic labor.  Since these are "custom", pricing varies.  Contact me direct for information.

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