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Rob "Griz" Ginieczki is the man behind Griz Guides.  With a passion for everything outdoors, good chance you will find me off adventuring.  As the seasons change, so do my pursuits.  Living in Colorado puts me a short distance to a desert slot canyon or a high mountain Elk hunt.  I have been riding and racing mountain bikes for over 25 years.  I competed in the first ever 24hr MTB race, the 24hrs of Canaan, in West Virginia.  I was was able to enjoy the last 24hrs of Moab, taking first place in the Mens open 4-man division.  Mountain riding has taken me to some of the most amazing places in the US and I continue to enjoy 50+ mile Enduro rides on a regular basis.  I have designed, built and continue to maintain trail as my contribution to the mountain biking community and my detailed mountain bike guidebooks are an extension of my passion on 2-wheels.  My guidebooks are self-published with gives me incredible artistic freedom.  Being an indie self-published author is one of the most rewarding accomplishments.

As a seasoned and diverse climber of almost 30 years, my experiences range from a self-guided summit on Denali to long ice routes in the Canadian Rockies, Desert towers and bold expanses of Colorado granite.  Trad, Sport, Rock, Ice, Mixed, Big Wall, Alpine, I continue to enjoy it all.  Although I engage all disciplines, I feel I excel at Ice climbing, leading ice in the WI6 range.  I have competed in numerous Ice/Drytool comps including: Bozeman Ice Festival, Ouray Ice Festival and the Vail/Teva/Eddie Bauer Winter Games.  I continue to develop routes and have numerous routes on the rock, ice and mixed terrain, in a handful of states.  My climbing skills pour over in to the canyoneering realm, with many descents in UT and AZ.  My climbing guide, Ice Climbing Pennsylvania, was not only an eye-opener to me but countless ice climbers along the Eastern US.  Like my MTB guidebooks, its truly and extension of my soul.

I started sharpening ice gear over 20 years ago and have come to perfect the art.  Over the years I have honed the skills from basic crampon sharpening to taking a perfectly good ice screw, cutting it in half and expertly crafting a new shorter screw.  It's a great feeling knowing that I am providing a service to the climbing community that not only allows them to save money but ultimately makes their climbing experience a bit easier and safer.  

My artistic side is rooted in the earth as well.  I'm a mud man.  I discovered the incredible medium of of clay when I was in high school and never looked back.  I built my own complete ceramic studio and enjoy 'turning and burning' whenever I get the chance.  My undergraduate degree in Art Education had a heavy emphasis on ceramic arts.  Currently I produce a line of functional pottery that embodies the tools and toys that give me so much joy outdoors.  

I'm a jack of all, master of none.  I don't mind laughing at myself, I enjoy life on this wonderful planet, I try not to stress much and do my best to live each day to the fullest.  Best said from Ed Abbey "Be a half-hearted activist and a full-time enthusiast..."   Get out there and get on it!

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