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Griz Guides Outdoor Guidebooks

Griz Guides outdoor guidebooks have been painstakingly researched, written, designed and published completely by the author.  That means that EVERY mountain bike ride and EVERY ice climbing route in EVERY guidebook was personally completed by the author himself, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and detail.  Custom digital maps, GPS coordinates and countless pictures aid you in finding your next adventure.  If you happen to be exploring the great state of Pennsylvania, grab a Griz Guide.  Griz Guides has also partnered with Blue Biner Books and Author Rob Holzman to offer his excellent rock climbing and bouldering guide: Secrets to the Keystone State.  Guides are available for purchase and include FREE shipping.  Contact me for purchase.

Ice Climbing Pennsylvania
The Definitive guide to Ice Climbing in the Keystone State.  With over 220 Ice and Mixed routes, GPS coordinates and numerous map and photos get you on your way to some amazing winter adventures. 
Soft cover paperback, 450 pages, $29.95
Mountain Biking Rothrock State Forest
Your ultimate guide to endless adventure in the Central PA mountains.  Stony white ridges and verdant green valleys set the backdrop for some of the finest riding in the East Coast.  GPS based with custom trail maps.  Soft cover paperback, 245 pages, $15.95
Mountain Biking Bald Eagle State Forest
Your key to unlocking the hidden secrets to the Seven Mountains region.  Between folded rocky ridgetops and lush limestone valleys lies a hidden mountain bike mecca.  GPS based with custom trail maps. 
Soft cover paperback, 225 pages, $15.95
Secrets to the Keystone State (OOP)
Rock climbing and Bouldering in Pennsylvania features 500 pages of detailed information on how and where to sneak through the dense Eastern Woods to find hidden secrets and long standing classics. 
Soft cover paperback, 500 pages
Mountain Biking Pennsylvania (OOP)
This guide was THE definitive dirt trail guidebook for the Keystone State.  When I wrote it, the publisher told me I had to remove almost 30% of the content because the "book was going to be bigger than MTB California, their largest mtb guide", Funny!
Mountain Biking Central Pennsylvania (OOP)
My first guidebook; rough, raw and all my own. Covering the State College area Forests and Game Lands, it was the genesis of my guidebook writing endeavors.  As a piece of history, it lives on in part through my other 2 guidebooks in print.
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