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The Super Stubbie transformation.  Pictured left is an uncut 10cm Black Diamond steel ice screw below a 7cm recut stubbie.  The picture on the right is a recut 6cm stubbie, complete with the remaining tip that was cut in the process.  Note the more aggressive tooth compared to factory.



The pair of screws on the left looked the same at one point.  Granite is no match for a screw that is driven beyond the ice.  When I was finished, they both looked like the screw on the right, better than factory sharp. 

When sharpening ice picks, it may be necessary to remove a tooth in order to maintain the profile and function of the tip of the pick. This allows the tip to hook, instead of being potentially levered-out by the teeth, especially important on rock.

Which crampon would you choose to take on that sketchy, hard lead?

These are matching sets of crampons that show the 'magic' of reworking your favorite pair of spikes into "like-new" condition.  Depending on how much material is left for me to work with, these pictures show typical results.


Ice picks are kinda cheap...kinda, but they sure aint' less than $10.  This stack of steel was resharpened and given a second life for less than the price of a single new ice pick!

Results vary based on how much material remains for me to work on, and/or if the pick was properly sharpened before I work on it.  I'm not a magician despite the praises of some of my clients.

Recycle, Reuse, Reascend!

Retaping your tools, keeps the grip and reduces the excuses!

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